About Us


Formerly Formula 1 Detail, we changed the name to honor our beloved dog (Chula). Make no mistake…we are the oldest business of it’s type in the Rockport area since 1989. We are backed up by being around Cars and Trucks in both the Retail and Wholesale realm for over 40 years.

Trust me we know what it takes to make your vehicle beautiful. Our engine detail is not only exclusive, and unsurpassed, it is functional! Sealing (RF) signals caused by your rotating engine from reaching your computer. Making your car run better…also you get a rust proofed engine compartment as part of the process for free.

We have marveled at the way plastics are used on cars now days…therefore we are ahead of the curve in using special chemicals that bring out your exterior Accents….Mirrors, door handle bezels even some front grill work that has faded with the sun. We do this at no extra charge!

While others spot shampoo the interior….we have a process called REMOVE ALL HUMAN CONTACT we wash all the door panels, wash the seats, shampoo all the carpet, wash all the pockets, ash trays and inside glass and that is before we wash your car’s outside……there are no 1 hour details here.

Call us today at (361) 729-2200 and set an appointment. We even offer free pick up and delivery.